18th July 2014 - Summer Television Critics Association

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Happy Birthday Jared Padalecki! - (July 19th, 1982)

Cancers with July 19 birthdays want to feel good about themselves. They keep the same circle of friends for many years and often fall in love deeply and completely.”

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Happy Birthday Jared Padalecki , July 19th

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Happy Birthday Jared Padalecki 

Hope you have a great one, We love you Moose!!

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Happy 32nd Birthday to Jared Padalecki (@Jarpad), a truly remarkable human being, who spreads love and sunshine wherever he goes. I am so honored to be his fan, and will be for life. ♡

Thank YOU, Jared, for inspiring me to stay strong and not give up.


32 Reasons why we love Jared Padalecki - Happy 32nd birthday!
  1. His friendship with Jensen, the love and respect they have for each other, priceless!
  2. His friendship with Misha Collins and basically the rest of the cast & crew
  3. His love for Genevieve and his children Thomas and Shepherd
  4. The love he shares for the fans and fandom & his appreciation for us
  5. He is a talented and amazing actor & his passion for his job
  6. The different kind of Sam Winchester’s he played is simply amazing
  7. His name is beautiful & so is his personality
  8. He’s a tall sunshine moose
  9. He’s charming, caring, loving and sweet
  10. He’s inspiring, helpful & smart
  11. He has fabulous hair everyone wants to touch
  12. His love for sports & basketball
  13. His awesome twitter
  14. His bitchface is a precious thing
  15. His smile lightens up every room & brightens up everyone’s day
  16. His performance as Sam Winchester is absolutely fantastic
  17. So are his performances in other shows such as Cry Wolf and Gilmore Girls
  18. He wears scarfs and beanies
  19. He has a dimpled smile
  20. He gets rosy cheeks when he’s –slightly- drunk which is supercute and adorable
  21. He is a 6’4” tall concentrated sass
  22. He is a dog person and loves animals
  23. The fact he’s 50% princess, 40% kitten, 10% child and 100% idiot is 200% Padaidjit
  24. He is a master of the puppy-dog-eyes
  25. His stupid pink lips and tongue
  26. His neck and certainly when he wears v-necks
  27. He won a national award in debate on his first try when he was 15
  28. He has a nice sense of humor and jokes a lot
  29. He has a magnificent knowledge of vocabulary
  30. He is hot without a shirt
  31. His love for food and eating, it’s happiness for him
  32. His ass is the prettiest ass ever

Happy 32nd Birthday Jared Tristan Padalecki !! ( June 19th,1982)

Happy 32nd Birthday Jared Padalecki! (July 19, 1982)


Today’s Jared Padalecki’s birthday! Jared is one of the best actors I’ve seen, who is able to play the perfect Sam Winchester on Supernatural. But not only Sam Winchester but also a perfect Meg, Lucifer, and Gadreel. Every character he plays is perfection. He is a complete sweetheart and goofball, and always manages to make us laugh no matter what mood we’re in. He deals with us and all of our crazy questions, anything we ask really, which a lot of actors won’t. He’s able to make us smile, laugh, cry, get angry. Jared really is an amazing actor and an amazing person in general, and we are lucky to have him on the most amazing show.

Thank you, Jared.